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Cat boarding in the Laurentians

Located in Val-David, in the heart of the Laurentians

Whether you’re planning a business or pleasure trip, your pet may not be able to accompany you. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that your cat is safe at Duquette Farm Kennels. Even if you’re only going away for a weekend or overnight, we’ll be happy to accommodate your cat’s needs.

Your cat’s diet

Again, the cat knows what's coming and by the looks of it, it's very good. Boarding at Duquette Farm, the cats are happy, please bring your own food so that your feline will keep a regular diet as at home.
  • In order not to disrupt your cat’s diet, you should bring his food, which can be kibble or canned food. Do not forget his favorite treats.
  • You must bring bags of food as well as canned goods in sufficient quantity for your cat’s entire stay.
  • It is recommended that you bring a few extra bags/cans so that you do not run out of food if your cat’s stay is extended.
  • If food is not provided for the duration of your cat’s stay, you will be charged $3 per day.
  • For a more enjoyable stay, don’t forget to bring enough of your favorite treats

Vaccinations and flea treatment

  • Since cats have no contact with each other, they are not required to be vaccinated. However, the cat must not show any signs or symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, or skin disease.
  • To prevent the spread of fleas in the cattery, flea treatment is mandatory and the invoice must be presented at the time of booking. The small flea collar is not sufficient.
A cat's life, a pasha's life. Cats boarding at Duquette Farm are well. Well rested and fresh and ready when the owner comes back to pick them up.

Going on vacation? Why not let your cat enjoy it? Our friendly and attentive team will make your cat feel right at home. Whether you need to board your cat for a night, a weekend, a vacation or an extended period of time, your cat will love his stay with us.

One cat

15$Day (with an overnight stay)

Two cats in the same space.

25$Day (with an overnight stay)

Three cats two spaces


Professional care for your cat

Contact us to book a space for your cat.

(819) 322-3829